Your Company should have an Amazon Reading List on LinkedIn

In my last post, I began a discussion about how the new applications on LinkedIn could be used by corporate marketing departments to better communicate with customers.  One of the more interesting applications on LinkedIn is the plug in.   There are a number of creative uses for this tool.   Here is what I would recommend.

Start by collecting a list of reading recommendations from a group of opinion leaders in your organization.   There are several approaches that you could take to reading lists. 

The Professional Bookshelf

For trade practitioners consider creating a “professional bookshelf,” which lists all the reference guides or reading materials appropriate to a particular discipline.  Cisco’s bookshelf might include reference texts on computer networking whereas Sun Microsystems might include books on Java development.  

Thought Leadership

Another approach might be to suggest books on thought leadership topics.  A consulting firm such as Accenture or IBM targeting “C” level executives might suggest reading books on corporate social responsibility such as Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded or on cloud computing such as Nicholas Carr’s The Big Switch. 

Company Profile

Maybe your company is interesting enough that someone wrote a book or multiple books about it.  Or perhaps someone or some group in your organization has authored a professional book.  Such company specific titles are also good candidates for promotion. 

The best part of the Amazon application on LinkedIn is that no investment required except a few hours of your time to gather a reading list.

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