About this Blog

Why is the blog named Bantrr?  Two reasons:

Because the ultimate goal of any marketing program is to generate leads with prospects who have Budget, Authority, Need and Timing (BANT). And on this blog we will have a friendly debate (banter) about the best way to accomplish that.

I will challenge many of the traditional assumptions and beliefs that marketers have held as guiding principles for decades.  We will banter about lead generation, product management, growth strategies, brand development, sales enablement and content marketing.  Some controversial topics will include:

  • You should take 1 Terabyte of data over $1 Million in budget
  • How Marketing can prospect deeper than Sales
  • Product Marketing is on the verge of Extinction
  • Executive Admins and Interns make some of the best leads
  • No one wants (or needs) a Corporate Overview Presentation
  • Corporate boilerplates should be abolished
  • Sales Operations Directors will be the next VP of Sales
  • Marketing is your Sales Team for 70% of the Buyer’s Journey
  • Budget no longer matters for marketing success

Note:  As this blog has evolved I have changed the name a few times.  From 2009 to 2014 this blog was called “Outside In Marketing.”  It then was changed to “Engineering Revenue” for 2015.

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