New Category Creation

For B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Technology Providers

There are tens of thousands of SaaS and cloud providers. But a handful of technology providers seem to rise above the rest. Reaching astronomical market valuations and commanding double-digit market shares, these category leaders are the ones every new tech startup wants to be like when they grow up. To become a category leader you need to do much more than build a great company and a great product. You need to think bigger about how to disrupt the status quo across the industry, how to start a movement amongst end-users, and how to get customers to fundamentally redefine how they view success.

The software vendors achieving $1 billion valuations and highest market share use four key strategies to achieve market leadership. These pioneers are able to rise above the rest to:

  • Re-imagine the Business Processes – Category leaders don’t want to incrementally improving the current business processes. They want to fundamentally reinvent the way the work is done.
  • Re-design the Organization Chart – Category leaders don’t want to just get a lot of people trained on their technology. They want to create new job functions, new career paths and entirely new organizations.
  • Re-define the Success Criteria – Category leaders don’t want to just help customers achieve their existing goals. They want to redefine their KPIs and what it means to be successful.
  • Re-invent the Technology Stack – Category Leaders don’t want to just plug-in to the customer’s existing ecosystem. They want to displace the existing tech stack and replace with their own platform.

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