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Does Awesome Customer Service Trump Excellent Marketing?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to read Tony Hseih’s book Delivering Happiness.  Tony is the CEO of Zappos, the phenomenally successful online shoe retailer that grew to $1B in sales within less than 10 years then was acquired by  Zappos has many non-traditional approaches to its business model.  One of its relatively unique philosophies surrounds its…

When is the Best Time to Send Your Customers an E-Mail Newsletter?

One of the most heavily debated topics in the marketing communications segment today is when to send e-mail based newsletters, communications and promotions to customers. Nearly everyone you meet has a different opinion. Some experts believe sending on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is best. Others take a the view that off-hours – nights and weekends are best. So what is the answer – I don’t know! Nor does anyone else.

Extending Your Customer Profile Library

In my last post I described a best practice that marketing professionals can employ to track, trend and analyze customer profiles. If you are agreeable to the concept you may want consider extending the profile data you track to a broader set of information such as investor filings, press releases, executive biographies and 3rd party vendor case studies.

Building a Library of Customer Profiles for Your Major Accounts

A key factor in any marketing organization’s success is the ability to understand customer needs. Having a repository of customer data both quantitative and qualitative will greatly simplify your ability to analyze market trends. For example, if you need to trend requests for a particular product capability or feature, it is useful to have a repository of all recent RFPs from which to start the analysis. If you need to build a case study for a particular customer, the process can be greatly accelerated if you can quickly assemble everything that you know about the account.