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Don’t Hire a Developer to Build Your Next Mobile App, Do It Yourself with AppMachine

Mobile apps are no longer a nice-to-have. They are an expectation.  Your company needs an app, if only for marketing purposes.  Your next customer event needs an app with the agenda, floorplan and live news feed.  If you are a spokesperson, perhaps you yourself need an app to display your blogs, tweets and presentation materials.  But finding talented developers who…

Platform Effects – Second Best is Good Enough

In my last post I summarized the platform strategies of, Facebook, Google and Apple.  Platforms are the most innovative business model of the 21st century.  Platforms yield extremely high valuations for the companies that operate them.  But valuations are not the only benefits to be gained from a platform strategy.  Introducing new products becomes easier as well.

Platform Business Models

A few months ago I read an excellent book by Phil Simon entitled the Age of the Platform.  This is a must read for any strategist in the technology sector.  Platforms are, without question, the most successful business model of the 21st century.  And the current market valuations of companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and provide excellent proof…