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Personal Brand versus Corporate Brand

Over the past six months I have noticed the phrase “personal brand” popping up more frequently than ever before. Usually, the phrase is used in the context of a complaint about someone’s social media approach. Personal brand is a politically correct way of saying “self-promotion.” And it is particularly challenging with spokespersons and thought leaders that are amongst the most…

Influence the Influencers

One of the questions most CMOs wrestle with is how to quickly build awareness of their company or their product in the marketplace.  It is prohibitively expensive for most firms to reach the entire target audience directly with an advertisement.  A much cheaper and faster approach is to leverage the 10-20 influencers who the market is already listening to (the…

Why You Should Hire a Consulting Relations Professional

Most technology CEOs dream about lowering their cost of sales through effective use of channels.  For vendors selling enterprise software or outsourcing services, the ideal channel partners are large technology consultants such as IBM, Accenture, CSC, CGI, Perot Systems (Dell), SAIC, ACS (Xerox), Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Getronics, AtoS, Indra and Tieto.  These consultants are frequently engaged by multinational clients…

Marketing Lessons from

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to read Marc Benioff’s book Behind the Cloud. The book covers a wide range of topics from company culture and funding strategies to sales models and corporate philanthropy. However, I was surprised at how many great ideas the book contained about marketing, public relations, pricing and product development. Below is a list of…

How Social Media is Changing Journalism (and Tradeshows)

Last month I watched a fascinating movie called the Bang Bang Club, which chronicles the lives of four photojournalists in South Africa. The group, which included Pulitzer Prize winners Greg Marinovich and Kevin Carter, conducted a series of high-risk photo shoots portraying the violence and civil unrest that marked the Apartheid era. The Bang Bang Club risked their lives entering…

The Year of the Corporate PR Crisis

Over the past year there have been a series of very high profile public relations crises which have emerged – Tiger Woods’ Infidelity, General McChrystal’s Rolling Stone Interview, BP’s Oil Spill and Toyota’s Safety Recalls. For each of these events the total costs resulting measured in terms of direct expenses incurred, market capitalization decline and brand equity damages have reached the billions. With the growing financial impacts of corporate public relations crises, I think it may be time to revisit the importance of public relations as a discipline in today’s marketing context. But before we discuss the need for greater investment in corporate crisis management, let’s review the financial impacts of Tiger, Toyota and BP in greater detail.

Ask Questions at Tradeshows to Build Awareness

The ROI from exhibiting or sponsoring a tradeshow is increasingly being questioned by marketing and business executives. And for good reason – Compare the number of leads generated from a $50,000 tradeshow stand versus a similar investment in web-based marketing alternatives (e.g. Google Pay-Per-Click). Justifying an exhibit or sponsorship has grown even more challenging in the wake of the macro-economic recession that plagued the world throughout 2008-2009.

Newspapers are the only Industry Sector run worse than the Automakers

The media has been relentlessly bashing GM with negative front page headlines for almost two decades now. Newspaper writers across the country have criticized GM for failing to react to changing market conditions with innovative new products; failing to create enough value to attract financing from private capital sources; and failing to overcome its challenges with labor unions and infrastructure overcapacity. My response to this is “Hello? Newspaper editors– look in the mirror!” If there is any industry that is run more poorly that the US automotive sector has been in recent years it is the newspaper business!