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Cord Cutting Complicates Corporate Webinars

As marketers, we always remind webinar presenters to use a landline phone to deliver their presentation. Using a traditional phone usually improves the quality of the audio broadcast and the recording. Traditional phone lines have less risk of being garbled or losing connectivity. But what happens when your webinar presenters don’t have a landline?

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a VP of Demand Generation

I’m seeing more and more companies (startups in particular) replacing the CMO (or VP of Marketing) role with a VP of Demand Generation.  When you talk to the CEOs making these decisions they often say – “I want someone who is going to focus on generating leads versus all the other ‘stuff’ that marketing does.”  Of course, the implication is…

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine for SaaS Companies

In the software industry you often hear about sales and marketing being compared to machines or factories. Executives like this analogy because it suggests that sales and marketing is able to consistently produce outputs in a predictable, repeatable way – like a machine or factory would. Executives and investors want to remove the uncertainty that often accompanies sales and marketing.

The Virtual Assistant for Sales

Over the past year I have been hearing more and more criticism of and other Salesforce Automation applications. Experts are challenging the value proposition of today’s SFA – questioning whether it really helps sales reps to sell more. Or whether SFA is really designed to help management track rep activity, sales pipeline and deal status.

Marketers Need Goggles for the Enterprise

A CMO walks into his/her weekly planning meeting. The first item on the agenda is the need to run a pipeline building campaign to meet the quarterly revenue projections. The CMO says “Why don’t we re-run the campaign we used to launch the product last year. We can use the original advertisements like the one hanging on the wall outside…

Marketing New Technologies – The Big Bang Theory

Last week I gave a presentation to 350 people on emerging technology trends.  Discussion topics included mobile devices, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things and what arguably could be the most disruptive technology of the 21st century – the 3D digital printer. I must have convinced the audience of this view as well, because most of the questions that I…

How Cloud Computing is Changing Product Management

Everyone is talking about cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) these days.  Almost every technology vendor has announced a cloud strategy – even the traditional software zealots.  But what do cloud computing and SaaS mean for product managers?   The impacts are more significant than you may think.  From pricing and profitability measurement to sales and marketing, cloud is having a noteworthy influence on the…