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Marketers – What is Your Career Bucket List?

Imagine you are 65 and approaching retirement. As you look back on your career, what list of accomplishments would want to list for yourself? Hopefully you have made the types of money that you wanted. And hopefully you have built hundreds of relationships some of which continue as friendships after retirement. But what are the things you would want your…

Landing Pages Should Offer Downloads to the Cloud (Not Just Your Hard Drive)

Cloud Storage services such as Dropbox,, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are growing quickly in popularity as more and more users prefer to have their content accessible on multiple devices rather than tethered to their hard drive.  As the usage of these services grow cloud storage providers have an opportunity to leverage their identity models and security credentials on…

Use Twitter to Decide Where To Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Marketers are always seeking to better understand their target buyers.  Better data about customers would not only help companies refine their messaging, but it would also help them optimize marketing spend.  CMOs and their leadership team struggle to answer questions such as:  What are the best websites to advertise on?  What trade shows should I exhibit at?  What are my…

Review of Groundswell

I received a copy of Groundswell in March of 2008, while attending Forrester’s marketing conference in Los Angeles. I finally got a chance to read it last week. Chapter 1 was my favorite of the whole book. E It provides nearly irrefutable arguments about why any company cannot afford to ignore the transformational, groundswell effect that social computing is having on the world. The authors offer great examples of how attempts to remove HD-DVD encryption codes and pictures of Barbara Streisand’s house from the Internet resulted in considerable backlash. “You can’t take something off the Internet. That’s like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool.”

Leveraging Linked In Applications for Corporate Marketing

There are ten new applications that have been added to LinkedIn recently from third parties such as TripIt, Wordpress and My initial reaction exploration of these applications was to assess how they could be used to personalize and enhance my LinkedIn experience. However, my mind quickly wandered into exploring the potential of the new applications for corporate marketing purposes as well.