The Left Brain and Right Brain Marketing Leader

for B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Technology Providers

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a Chief Marketing Officer. From new technology like artificial intelligence to new regulations, there’s a lot of change to keep up with. Success in a modern marketing leadership role demands an unusually wide range of skills. CMOs need to be technical enough to understand the products they are positioning and the tools their teams are using. They also need to be creative enough to develop messaging that challenges the status quo and branding that stands out from the noise.

Today’s CMO needs a strong balance of left-brained operational excellence skills and right-brained strategic thinking abilities. Marketing leaders need to be:

Operational Excellence

  • Pipeline Builders – Executing a cadence of targeted campaigns with consistency and predictability.
  • Metrics Masters – Using analytics to demonstrate how spend is generating more leads, deals, and wins.
  • Tech-Saavy – Leveraging shiny new objects like predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Budget Busters – Advocating for the right level of spend to achieve goals for revenue growth and market share.
  • Talent Magnets – Recruiting, on-boarding, and developing marketers from entry-level to experienced pros.

Strategic Thinking

  • Brand Builders – Standing out in a crowded landscape of copycat competitors and multi-billion dollar mega-vendors.
  • Corporate Evangelists – Pitching the value prop and use cases to customers, partners, and analysts.
  • Salesy Storytellers – Developing powerful positioning that speaks the industry-specific language of buyers.
  • Creative Curators – Generating highly visual content like infographics and videos that is liked and shared virally.

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