Demand Generation and Marketing Operations

For B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Technology Providers

High growth companies don’t just generate leads – they engineer revenue! The best marketing organizations are building marketing machines that deliver and predictable and consistent flow of new opportunities into the sales pipeline with factory-like precision. Today’s B2B Tech marketers have more options than ever at their disposal to build their assembly lines.

Emerging Technologies and Strategies

  • Intent Data – Highlighting upstream demand from 3rd party media, technology, and online review sites.
  • Account Based Marketing – Techniques such as predictive analytics, targeted advertising, and personalized content.
  • Conversational Marketing – Virtual assistants as an alternative to forms to engage prospects.

Established Best Practices

  • Search Engines – Organic SEO for first page ranking on keywords as well as paid search campaigns.
  • Content Marketing – Blog posts, white papers, live webinars, buyer’s guides, and industry research.
  • Dimensional Mail – Creative gifts and interactive electronics delivered to key decision makers.

Recent Articles about Demand Generation

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