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Marketing New Technologies – The Big Bang Theory

Last week I gave a presentation to 350 people on emerging technology trends.  Discussion topics included mobile devices, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things and what arguably could be the most disruptive technology of the 21st century – the 3D digital printer. I must have convinced the audience of this view as well, because most of the questions that I…

If You Innovate They Will Come

I was walking through the Newark airport last night when I noticed a new Accenture ad that caught my attention. The ad simply states “If you innovate, they will come.” The image features a chameleon with a flower-shaped tongue luring a butterfly into its range. What a brilliant concept! Especially to build upon what has become of the business world’s most over-hyped cliches.

Microsoft takes a Bite out of Apple’s Core Strengths with New TV Ads

In my opinion, Microsoft’s advertising campaigns are among the worst I have seen in any industry. I find both their print and television campaigns to be non-impactful. It is not clear to me what the message is supposed to be and who the target audience is. The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld commercials introduced last fall were totally lost on me. But in this latest series of Laptop Hunter ads that aired during the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, Microsoft has turned it around!