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What are the Best Topics for Blogs?

It’s simple. Make a list of the questions your customers ask you during sales appointments. These are the topics they are most interested in. These are the topics they are most likely to do a Google search upon. And these are the topics that they will click through in your email newsletters.

Packaging Your Content into Kits

Content marketing leaders are always looking for new resources to support their lead generation efforts.  But creating high quality content takes a lot of time.  Writing a new white paper or e-book can take several weeks.  More importantly, it requires committed time from some of your busiest subject matter experts.

Building the Content Factory

Everyone is talking about content marketing these days, but successfully executing such a strategy requires the ability to consistently deliver high-quality content on a regular basis.  Hiring a journalist or a content marketing manager is a big step in the right direction, but success requires more a team effort.  You need a content factory.  This factory will include many traditional…