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Do VPs of Demand Generation Make the Best CMOs?

I’m seeing more and more companies (startups in particular) replacing the CMO (or VP of Marketing) role with a VP of Demand Generation.  When you talk to the CEOs making these decisions they often say – “I want someone who is going to focus on generating leads versus all the other ‘stuff’ that marketing does.”  Of course, the implication is…

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine for SaaS Companies

In the software industry you often hear about sales and marketing being compared to machines or factories. Executives like this analogy because it suggests that sales and marketing is able to consistently produce outputs in a predictable, repeatable way – like a machine or factory would. Executives and investors want to remove the uncertainty that often accompanies sales and marketing.

Who in Marketing Should Own Social Media?

The subject of who should own social media accounts is a highly controversial issue in almost every B2B company I speak with.  The good news is that there is a lot of enthusiasm and passion around social media in marketing organizations.  The bad news is that there can be cutthroat competition for ownership that creates a civil war amongst your…