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Engineering Revenue – The New Mission of Marketing

Gone are the days of guessing, hoping and praying for results. Today’s marketer needs to scientifically, reliably and predictably generate demand using data-driven approaches and modern technology. I call this approach engineering revenue. And that is the new mission for today’s marketing organization.

Building a Lead Generation Factory

Executives love to compare their marketing organizations to a machine or a factory. You input X dollars and after a period of time Y number of leads are generated. The factory model implies that the outcomes of marketing initiatives are predictable and reliable rather than being driven by luck or chance. But if marketers are to operate like factory workers…

Tradeshows Don’t Generate Leads

In my experience, tradeshows rarely generate many new leads.  Not because the sales team is hoarding all the business cards they collected at the show (marketing conspiracy theory #35).  But because buying patterns have shifted.  Anyone that wants to learn about a new technology doesn’t have to wait to visit you a booth at tradeshow (like they did back in…