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Start Your Next Conference Presentation Like a Movie

You are standing on stage in front of an audience of 300.  It’s 2:30PM.  Your presentation slot is the third in a post-lunch afternoon sequence that precedes a much needed coffee break.  You put up a title slide with your presentation topic, your name and today’s date (as if no one knows what day it is).  After making the obligatory…

How PowerPoint Slides are Like Friends Episodes

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show Friends.  After the first two seasons I thought both the humor and plots of the episodes became predictable and routine.  However, it is hard to argue that Friends did not have a significant impact on American culture.  I remember people walking around in the late 1990s emulating Joey’s famous “How you doing?”…

Ten Guidelines for Panel Moderators

A panel can be a very effective technique for sharing information on a particular topic at a conference or tradeshow. The panel format is becoming increasing popular alternative to formal PowerPoint presentation sessions. Many have found that the multi-speaker, informal nature of the discussion tends to lead to more audience attention. However, there are several best practices that should be employed to ensure that the panel does not fall into the pitfalls commonly associated with formal PowerPoint presentations.