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Four Common Flaws in Channel Sales Strategies

In a recent post, I shared that in my experience nine out of ten channel partnerships in the area of complex B2B solutions fail. The struggles are often blamed on poor execution in the field or poor alignment of compensation. However, channel partnership failures are not always the result of sales leadership or sales operations mistakes. Many channel partnerships are…

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine for SaaS Companies

In the software industry you often hear about sales and marketing being compared to machines or factories. Executives like this analogy because it suggests that sales and marketing is able to consistently produce outputs in a predictable, repeatable way – like a machine or factory would. Executives and investors want to remove the uncertainty that often accompanies sales and marketing.

The Virtual Assistant for Sales

Over the past year I have been hearing more and more criticism of Salesforce.com and other Salesforce Automation applications. Experts are challenging the value proposition of today’s SFA – questioning whether it really helps sales reps to sell more. Or whether SFA is really designed to help management track rep activity, sales pipeline and deal status.