Why Bantrr?

On this blog site you will find over a hundred articles relevant to B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Technology organizations on topics such as building creating categories, brand awareness, demand generation, and the modern sales team. There’s also lots of content for CMO-level issues such as budget, talent, and strategic planning.

Why is the blog named Bantrr? Two reasons:

  1. Because the ultimate goal of any marketing program is to generate leads with prospects who have Budget, Authority, Need and Timing (BANT).
  2. On this blog we will have a friendly debate (banter) about the best way to get more qualified leads, a stronger brand, and lots of other topics.

The Next Era of Digital Marketing

Recently, I have been writing about the next big shift in digital marketing that is occurring over the next few years:

  • Data Privacy – With CPRA real data privacy comes to the US and businesses will finally get religion about it.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Emerging technologies will transform how we sell and market using machine learning and big data.
  • Mass Customization – Account-based marketing enables businesses to offer targeted ads and personalized content at scale.

As always, I will be writing on topics that I am most passionate about, including helping growth-oriented high tech companies to:

  • Build a Challenger Brand – that is viewed by B2B buyers as a product innovator, market disruptor, and thought leader.
  • Engineer Revenue – using a demand generation factory that consistently and predictably fills the sales funnel with leads.
  • Create a Sales Force Multiplier – with quota-busting tools and messaging that speak the customer’s language.
  • Punch above their Weight – with non-traditional approaches to talent, staffing, and operating a marketing team.

About Steve Keifer

Steve has led marketing and product management teams at five different SaaS and cloud providers including several that experienced hypergrowth, filed IPOs, and reached billion dollar valuations. From venture-backed, early-stage startups to established providers backed by private-equity firms, Steve has built new teams from the ground-up and transformed existing ones to adopt modern marketing strategies. During his career, he has helped pioneer four new “categories” of tech in all three “as-a-Service” business models – Software, Platform, and Infrastructure. Each of the companies Steve has worked at has been positioned as leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves or were recognized as having the highest market share.

Early in his career Steve led product management at one of the first Application Service Providers (ASPs) where he launched some of the industry’s first infrastructure-as-a-service products and piloted some of the first subscription licensing models with Microsoft. An early adopter of digital marketing technologies, Steve worked on teams that were among the first to adopt Eloqua’s marketing automation platform and WordPress as a website content management system.

Over the span of his career, Steve has become an expert in how technology is used in the financial services, manufacturing, and retail sectors to automate business processes ranging from procurement and finance to invoicing and payments. In 2011, he published a book on how electronic commerce technology has impacted financial markets, health care, and global trade. Steve has spoken at conferences in 10 different countries around the world and has been quoted in publications ranging from the Financial Times to the South China Morning Post. You can follow Steve on Twitter @SteveKeifer.

Please note this blog represents my personal views and not that of any employer – past, present or future. Any similarities between issues discussed on this blog and real world events at any employer – past, present or future – is purely coincidental.