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Welcome to Bantrr

The mission of the site is to offer education and best practices for go-to-market teams at SaaS, cloud, and technology organizations. Whether you are an entry-level professional just beginning your marketing journey or an experienced CMO seeking new ideas to energize your brand and pipeline, we think you will find Bantrr a helpful resource to:

  • Build a Challenger Brand: that is viewed by B2B buyers as a product innovator, market disruptor, and thought leader.
  • Engineer Revenue: using a demand generation factory that consistently and predictably fills the sales funnel with leads.
  • Create a Sales Force Multiplier: with quota-busting tools and messaging that speak the customer’s language.
  • Punch above their Weight: with non-traditional approaches to talent, staffing, and operating a marketing team.

Bantrr – Behind the Name


The Best Leads have BANT

And the ultimate goal of any marketing program should be to generate leads with prospects who have Budget, Authority, Need and Timing (BANT).

Debating the Issues

On this website we'll not only provide educational articles about B2B marketing, but on the blog section we'll have a friendly debate and banter about the best way to B2B marketing at SaaS companies.

The Next Era of B2B SaaS Marketing

There are a wave of new marketing technologies on the horizon that all marketing professionals should keep an eye on:

Generative Content

Artificial intelligence based technologies such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 are poised to revolutionize marketing. Will AI bring an end to content marketing or is this just a new beginning?

Data Privacy

The tug-of-war between marketers and privacy advocates continues to grow tenser by the day. Tracking technologies are being debated in the legislatures of every state and country. Which side will win?

In Cognito

Buyers have more defensive technologies than ever to evade sales and marketing pros. New tech like email filtering and call diversion are making it harder and harder to reach buyers.

Product Led Growth

Self-service customer experiences are quickly becoming the norm in SaaS and cloud. How is the role of marketing changing in a new world that values PQLs over MQLs and SQLs?

Steve Keifer

About the Author

Steve has led marketing and product management teams at five different SaaS and cloud providers including several that experienced hypergrowth, filed IPOs, and reached billion dollar valuations.

Recently, Steve has worked at three early-stage, high-growth, venture-backed companies each of which has experienced triple digit growth in their journey from startup to scale-up. Earlier in his career, Steve led marketing at two mid-size public companies with large product portfolios, multiple distribution channels, and international operations across dozens of countries in Europe and Asia.

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Please note this blog represents my personal views and not that of any employer – past, present or future. Any similarities between issues discussed on this blog and real world events at any employer – past, present or future – is purely coincidental.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bantrr

Which marketing topics are covered on Bantrr?

We cover a wide range of topics from how to build a brand using public and analyst relations to how to build pipeline with inbound SEO and SEM. The six core areas of focus are category creation, brand awareness, demand generation, product marketing, marketing operations, BDRs and sales.

Although most of the site is focused on marketing, we do also offer perspectives on other go-to-market functions such as sales, BDRs, product management, and revenue operations.

Who writes the content for Bantrr?

Bantrr is authored by Steve Keifer, a CMO who has led marketing and product at six different SaaS, cloud, and technology organizations over the past 20 years. The articles published on the site are based upon his real world experience at various different companies ranging from multi-billion dollar public companies to early-stage, high-growth, venture-backed startups.

Is Bantrr a marketing agency?

No! Most marketing blogs and websites are written by agencies or technology vendors. They all share a common purpose – they are trying to sell you something. As a result, there is an inherit bias to:

  1. Focus in isolation on the specific subcategory of marketing the company is selling.
  2. Push ideas that drive you towards entering a sales cycle to purchase their products.

Bantrr is different. We aren’t trying to sell you anything! Our only goal is to make you a better marketer and offer you alternative ideas on how to be successful.

How is Bantrr different from other marketing sites?

There are hundreds of sites that go super deep on specific categories of B2B marketing such as SEO, Martech, and email marketing. But there are few sites that cover the end-to-end spectrum of B2B marketing and explain how all of the pieces fit together. How does getting media coverage help with SEO? How does speaking at a tradeshow help BDR conversion rates?

We will help to connect the dots on how functions such as brand awareness, demand generation, and product marketing all inter-relate and reinforce one another.

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