About Me

Over the past 10 years, I have been the VP of Marketing for several software companies specializing in the SaaS/Cloud sector. I currently work at LeaseAccelerator, a fast-growing fintech company who just completed its Series A funding. Previously I led global marketing for GXS where I had responsibility for the branding, lead generation, sales enablement, product and industry marketing across the $500M organization.

Prior to becoming a marketer, I led Product Management for Web Hosting/ASP pioneer, Digex, who completed a $1B+ IPO in 1999. I started my career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) during its hyper-growth years writing code for many of the large telecommunications providers in the Washington DC area. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in a wide variety of companies from venture-backed startups and pre-IPO growth engines to big global software firms and private equity-backed turnarounds.

I don’t have a marketing degree nor did I ever receive any formal training in marketing, but I have fallen in love with it as a career path over the past years. I love building larger-than-life brands; demand generation factories and quota-busting sales enablement programs. Read my manifesto for more details.

I live in Northern Virginia with my wife and three children. In my spare time I enjoy watching college basketball, memorizing 80s comedy lines and landscape photography.

Please note this blog represents my personal views and not that of any employer – past, present or future. Any similarities between issues discussed on this blog and real world events at any employer – past, present or future – is purely coincidental.

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