BDRs and Sales

The Highly Specialized, Modern Sales Org

Long gone are the days when Account Executives (AEs) were expected to cold call, give demos, and answer RFPs. Today, those tasks are delegated to experts that specialize in each of those functions.  BDRs own prospecting, using the latest technology and data sources to discover buyers in purchasing cycles. Solution consultants are the product experts that give the demos, design the solution, and answer technical questions. The deal desk negotiates the discounted pricing, contract terms, and service level agreements.

The AE takes a more strategic role in the specialized sales organization.

The AE’s role takes on a new focus.  S/he acts as the quarterback of the deal cycle with a primary responsibility to differentiate the solution and win the business.

Specialized Sales Functions

To hit their growth targets, sales must collaborate closely with marketing.  Outbound BDR motions and partner channels need to be coordinated with inbound marketing and campaign activities to maximize success.  A few of the more important interface points between marketing and sales involve:

BDRs & Prospecting

  • Cold Calling
  • Email Prospecting
  • Social Selling

Channel Partnerships

  • Referral Programs
  • Reseller Relationships
  • Joint Teaming

Sales Operations

  • Tech Stack
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Lead Management Process

Sales Enablement

  • On-Boarding & Training
  • Kickoff & Presidents Club
  • Sales Methodology


BDRs and Outbound Prospecting

BDRs have more data and technology than ever – high-volume auto dialers, online gifting programs, and 3rd party buyer intent data.  But decision makers are arming themselves with defensive technologies like private browsing sessions, one-time email services, and call blocking apps that reduce connect rates. How can BDR leaders best to navigate this escalating arms race?


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Defining the

Sales-Marketing SLA

One of the best ways to build collaboration between sales and marketing is to establish a formal SLA between the two organizations. The SLA can cover a wide range of business processes and reporting metrics, but the most important aspect will be establishing quantifiable goals for lead generation.

In some cases, the SLA might define the total number of leads to be sourced by marketing. In other cases, the SLA might outline a target dollar value of pipeline to be maintained.

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Specialization of Sales Functions

Specialization makes sense for a number of reasons.  It’s impossible to find a rep with the diverse range of skills needed to excel at lead generation, product demonstrations, proposal responses, contract negotiation, and deal management.  Even if you could find reps that can do all of these functions, it’s not cost-effective to have them performing some of the more time-consuming tasks.

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