Product Marketing

Telling the Story

The best product marketing teams take control of the corporate narrative, telling a compelling story about the revolutionary change the company aims to introduce into the market. Telling a great story can have a huge lift on brand awareness helping the organization to stand out from the noise and rise above the competition.

Strong product marketing is the difference between good and great at SaaS companies

The best product marketing teams are out in front of the sales organization, highlighting interesting new use cases that expand the addressable market to call upon. They are filling competitive battlecards with the silver bullet differentiators that increase win rates (and effectively decrease the volume of top funnel leads).

The best product marketers act as thought leaders, capturing commercial insights from real world customer experiences and publishing the learnings in compelling content assets. These are the insights that bring prospective buyers out of the shadows to self-identify by filling out a content download form on the website and engaging in a discovery call.

SaaS Product Marketing – Key Responsibilities

Messaging & Positioning

  • Company story
  • Vertical industries
  • Business outcomes

Collateral & Sales Tools

  • Presentation slides
  • Demos & product tours
  • RFP answer library

Competitive & Market Intel

  • TAM and CAGR
  • Competitive landscape
  • Customer segmentation

Product Lifecycle

  • New product launch
  • Major release
  • End of life


Competitive Intelligence

There are dozens of ways to spy on competitors online.  You can monitor their marketing campaigns on social media, track hiring plans on career sites, and discover product weaknesses on review sites.  But the best sources of competitive intelligence are still word-of-mouth conversations with partners, customers, and employees.

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The Eight Functions of

Product Marketing

The best product marketing teams don’t limit themselves to the traditional scope of the four functions outlined above.

They take ownership not just of product-level messaging, but the overall corporate story.  They don’t just create one set of positioning, but create multiple variants to target different audiences (partners, analysts) and different customer segments (verticals, SMB).

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Content Marketing

Educational content works well for bottoms up selling to junior employees, but how do you reach sophisticated buyers with 20 years of experience in their domain?  To go top-down with senior executives you need true “commercial insights” gathered from real-world experiences – something most content marketing teams struggle with.

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