B2B Marketing Guides

Best Practices for SaaS and Cloud Providers

Whether you are a beginner hoping to learn fundamentals or an experienced pro aspiring to make the jump to CMO, our B2B marketing guides will help you understand the key principles of demand generation, brand awareness, and product marketing at SaaS and cloud companies.

Unlike most B2B marketing guides, which are published by agencies and technology vendors, these guides are not written to try to sell you anything!  They are solely designed to help you better understand marketing principles.

The Seven Key Functions of B2B Marketing Organizations at High Growth Tech Companies

A Guide for CEOs, Founders, and Board Members

The quality of your marketing program can make the difference between whether you grow 300% YOY as the market leader or 30% YOY as a niche player. Most CEOs understand the role of marketing in filling the sales pipeline, but there is much more to effective B2B marketing than just lead generation. Marketing should be building a brand by telling a great story about the company and the product that creates a buzz in the marketplace. Marketing needs to not only fill the top of the funnel with leads but enable the sales team at each step of the buyer’s journey with the right tools and messages to win. Marketing’s role doesn’t end when the deal closes, there is an on-going role to play throughout the customer lifecycle to grow share of wallet.

Download this ebook to understand the seven key functions of B2B marketing organizations at high growth SaaS, cloud, and technology companies.

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Best Practices of Category Leaders

25 Strategies B2B Software Vendors use to Disrupt and Innovate

We studied the best practices of category leaders in various SaaS business applications ranging from HR and finance to sales and marketing. We found that category leaders do much more than build a great product. They take a bigger picture view at disrupting the status quo. The software vendors achieving $1 billion valuations and highest market share take a disruptive approach to four areas: 1) technology, 2) process, 3) people, and 4) metrics.

Download the study to learn the 25 strategies B2B SaaS and cloud vendors use to disrupt and innovate. Includes four case studies of category leaders that have used the strategies successfully to achieve rapid growth and massive valuations.

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Beginner’s Guide to B2B Marketing

Are you new to B2B sales and marketing?  Learn the techniques that SaaS and cloud companies use for brand awareness, demand generation, and product marketing in this beginner’s guide to B2B marketing.

Brand Awareness

Introductory Guide

When most people think of “brand” they think about consumer companies like Apple, Disney, or Netflix. But brands are important in the world of B2B marketing too.

Learn how B2B buyers to discover new technology providers via:
  • Media and analysts
  • Events and tradeshows
  • Social media

Demand Generation

Introductory Guide

“Demand generation” is a fancy term that marketers use to describe all the activities they do to generate leads. The phrase “demand generation” is aspirational in most cases.

Learn the key concepts behind inbound and outbound marketing:
  • SEO and paid search
  • BDR prospecting
  • Account-based marketing

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