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How Social Media is Changing Journalism (and Tradeshows)

Last month I watched a fascinating movie called the Bang Bang Club, which chronicles the lives of four photojournalists in South Africa. The group, which included Pulitzer Prize winners Greg Marinovich and Kevin Carter, conducted a series of high-risk photo shoots portraying the violence and civil unrest that marked the Apartheid era. The Bang Bang Club risked their lives entering…

Four Guiding Principles from the World Wide Rave

If you have not picked up a copy of World Wide Rave I would encourage you to do so. It is a quick read that is full of interesting case studies and guiding principles. For example, there are helpful checklists such as 10 recommendations for creating YouTube videos and 16 rules for designing great e-books. There are too many good ideas to try to comment on, but I did want to call attention to four key principles that I found particularly compelling while reading the book.