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Five Things I Would Like to Change the Most about Squidoo

In my last post I described the experience of creating two Squidoo lenses. While there were a number aspects to Squidoo that I enjoyed, there were a few annoying limitations that I struggled with during lens development. I have outlined the five changes I would most like to make to Squidoo’s advertising, content and formatting features.

My Experience Building a Squidoo Lens

Over the past six months I have been developing two lenses on Squidoo. Both of these lenses were corporate in nature, evangelizing the mission of my current employer. I found the experience of creating a lens to be very cool. There are an infinite number of ways that you can group content together in various ways to educate readers on a particular subject area. Squidoo makes it easy to link in content from YouTube, SlideShare, Delicious, Yelp, Twitter, Flickr and Amazon.com. However, I significantly underestimated the amount of time and effort required to develop a lens.