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What Office Space Can Teach Us about Product Management

Although the discipline of product management continues to be more and more critical to technology companies with each passing year, I still find that many people in the corporate world do not understand the function.  First, there are those who believe product management has all the power in the organization.  But in many technology companies especially smaller ones, I find this…

How Cloud Computing is Changing Product Management

Everyone is talking about cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) these days.  Almost every technology vendor has announced a cloud strategy – even the traditional software zealots.  But what do cloud computing and SaaS mean for product managers?   The impacts are more significant than you may think.  From pricing and profitability measurement to sales and marketing, cloud is having a noteworthy influence on the…

What the Federal Government can teach us about Requirements Definition

At some point in their career every product manager has experienced frustrations with their development team over misinterpretations of requirements.  You asked for an Apple-like user experience and you got something that resembled more of a UNIX command line.  Sometimes you think you have communicated the requirements so clearly on paper, but the engineer just did not get it.