The Modern Brand

for B2B SaaS, Cloud, and Technology Providers

At today’s high-growth tech companies brand has become more important than ever, but also more complex. Marketers need to target new customers with messages on how their products improve their lives. But they also have to target many other audiences. Investors need a message about how the company is positioned for growth. Job applicants need a message about how the culture offers a best place to work. And with the rise of values-based marketing, brands need to target the general public with messages about how their organization is helping to make the world a better place.

Marketers need to ensure that their messaging, positioning, and brand promise is being projected across both offline and online channels.

Corporate Communications

  • Public Relations – Earning media coverage at national, regional, tech, and trade publications.
  • Analyst Relations – Positioning leadership for your products with Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.
  • Social Media – Building a following and engaging the audience on Facebok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Reaching Your Audience

  • Advertising – Targeting impressions to audiences on digital ad networks and traditional print and TV media.
  • Events and Tradeshows – Exhibiting, speaking, and sponsoring virtual events and real-world conferences.
  • Websites – That tell your story, promote your culture, and educate your buyers.

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