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When to Listen to the Analysts – While Considering Adjacent Market Entry

In my last post, I expressed the view that companies should not focus on what analysts are saying about their market.  Instead marketing organizations, typically staffed with 10-100X the personnel of analyst groups, should conduct their own primary research about competitors, new products and market trends.  But there are many scenarios in which analysts can create tremendous efficiencies and competitive…

When Will Technology Analyst Market Research be Free?

There are numerous examples of free services offered in other digital goods markets such as books, movies, music, games and software. Is it plausible that such a change could occur in technology research? Chris Anderson states in his book called Free that “If it’s digital, sooner or later it’s going to be free.” Of course, most products that are “free” are subsidized by some other revenue stream that is dependent upon the item being given away. The model has worked for Google, Radiohead and Skype? But would it work for Gartner or Forrester?