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Developing Your Marketing Budget for 2021

It is budgeting time for many companies.  Marketing typically has one of the more complex budgets in the organization with lots of different technology systems, vendors, and programs whose costs need to be forecasted.  Using the past year’s actual expenses often is a good starting point.  However, if your organization is growing quickly and your needs are changing then historical…

Building a Sales and Marketing Machine for SaaS Companies

In the software industry you often hear about sales and marketing being compared to machines or factories. Executives like this analogy because it suggests that sales and marketing is able to consistently produce outputs in a predictable, repeatable way – like a machine or factory would. Executives and investors want to remove the uncertainty that often accompanies sales and marketing.

Windows 8 and Software Release Naming Strategies

Last Friday was the long-anticipated release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.  With a redesigned user interface, touchscreen capabilities and a new app store the Redmond crowd is hoping this will help the company regain its position amongst the cool kids in the IT industry.  Lately Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Salesforce.com are getting all the attention and credit for…