Zuora Case Study (Part 3) – How Category Leaders Get their Customers to Redefine Success

Zuora is actively investing to help the industry redefine success in the new subscription economy through its “Subscribed Institute.”  Positioned as “The Think Tank for the Subscription Economy,” the Subscribed Institute provides qualitative and quantitative research on business maturity models and monetization strategies.

Specific publications of the institute include:

  • Subscription Business Maturity Model – Designed for CXOs, the model offers 300 success criteria and five stages of maturity across four dimensions (strategy, process, systems, and culture).
  • Subscription Economy Benchmark – Studies key business issues for subscription companies such as trends in usage-based pricing and managing change orders.
  • Subscription Economy Index – Tracks growth metrics of hundreds of companies in SaaS, IoT, media, telecommunications, and corporate services sectors and their performance versus the overall S&P 500.

In addition to the official Subscribed Institute publications, Zuora also subsidizes research by third parties to help promote its vision through recognized thought leaders such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Deloitte, and YouGov. On its website, Zuora hosts a library of reports from these organizations discussing best practices and trends in subscription business models.

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