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Best Practices for B2B Go-to-Market

Welcome to Bantrr, a place to banter and debate about the best way to generate leads, build brands, and scale go-to-market functions. Whether you are an experienced CMO seeking some new inspiration or a beginner-level marketer learning the basics, you’ll find lots of original ideas and useful strategies here.

Business Strategy

New categories, business models, pricing strategies.
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Brand Awareness

Analysts, PR, tradeshows, creative, and web design.
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Demand Generation

SEO, digital ads, webinars, email, and content.
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BDRs and Sales

Channel partners, RFPs, sales ops, and enablement.
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Product Marketing

Messaging, competitive intel, buyer persona, ICP.
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Marketing Operations

Martech stack, budget, org design, privacy regs.
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Budgeting, Staffing and Goals

CMO Annual Planning Kit

At many SaaS and cloud companies, the strategic planning process has taken on a life its own.

Not only do CMOs have to develop an annual plan for the start of each fiscal year, but there is often a need to build multi-year plans to support fundraising efforts with venture capital and private equity firms.

Budget Planning

Jump start your annual planning process with this list of 100 common B2B marketing budget line items.
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Organization Design

View this comprehensive list of the 40 different B2B marketing functions to identify the skills your org needs.
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Pipeline Targets

Use this four step methodology to calculate the number of wins, pipeline, and leads you need to generate.
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Sourcing Talent

Learn how to build a marketing talent graph to identify the five best sources of talent for your growing team.
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Building a Blue Ocean

New Category Creation Strategies

Most SaaS and cloud startups set their sights on disrupting large, established markets. But there are others who are more ambitious. They focus on inventing new categories of software with capabilities that customers don’t even realize they want or need.

The failure rate on new category creation is high, but those who are successful grow into ginormous companies that dominate their market.
What separates the successful category leaders from the rest of the pack? We studied dozens of new sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and supply chain categories to learn their secrets.


Success Criteria

Don’t just help customers achieve their goals. Help them to redefine their long-term success metrics.
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The Technology Stack

Don’t just plug in to the customer’s ecosystem. Displace the existing tech stack with a new platform.
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The Business Processes

Don’t just improve incrementally on business processes. Help customers reinvent how work is done.
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The Organization Chart

Don’t just get customers to learn your tech. Help them create new job functions and career paths.
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