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This past weekend I had the opportunity to present at Product Camp DC on the topic of Designing Products for the Cloud.  There was a great discussion amongst the group in the room which represented a range of SaaS, cloud computing and traditional technology vendors.  To kick-off the presentation I shared a few of the funnier videos that I have come across on YouTube.  Links to the top 3 are below.

A Better Way to Cloud Computing

Created by VMWare and Intel, is a short clip which illustrates an alternative approach to getting your data center into the cloud.


It’s Cloud Computing

From Loose Bruce, explains cloud computing to the tune of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.”  Listen to the whole clip because it gets funnier as it goes on.


The Cloud Computing Consultant

This R-rated parody of a cloud computing consultant talking with his client will have you LOL.  This one captures the essence of the hype surrounding the cloud.

Steve Keifer

Steve Keifer has led marketing and product management teams at seven different SaaS and cloud providers ranging from venture-backed, early-stage startups to multi-billion, publicly traded companies - including several that experienced hypergrowth, filed IPOs, and reached unicorn status. In Bantrr, Steve shares many of the best practices and lessons learned from building and scaling marketing organizations. Topics include new category creation, brand development, and demand generation.

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