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Fail Fast and Fail Forward

I just finished reading an interesting book by Peter Sims entitled Little Bets.  The book provides some fascinating insights about the true origins of innovation.  The author extensively studied the techniques of popular artists such as Chris Rock, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos to better understand how they approach development of new ideas.  Sims demonstrates in the book…

Israel – A Model for Innovation in High Tech

Innovation is without question the buzzword of the year in 2010. Every tradeshow I go to and every brochure I read is talking about how to improve innovation. When most Americans think about innovation they probably imagine companies such as Google, Cisco, Apple, Nintendo and other high tech leaders in Silicon Valley or Taiwan. But few people would probably list the high tech clusters in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv on their short list of innovation centers of the world. I was recently exposed to the fascinating world of innovation and entrepreneurialism that exists in Israel through a book called Startup Nation.

What Henry Ford can Teach Us About Product Management

I recently came across a quotation from Henry Ford, which I thought was sage advice for product managers. Ford stated “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” The quotation reflects the fact that customers understand their problems and desired outcomes, but typically lack the skills to recommend to optimal solution to their problems.