Zuora Case Study (Part 1) – How Category Leaders Get Customers to Re-Imagine their Business Processes

Zuora encourages companies to follow the examples of businesses such as Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and Box and transition from product-driven business model of the 20th century to the new, subscription-centric business models of the 21st century. CEO Tien Tzou describes this new era of companies and business models as “the Subscription Economy.”

CEO Tien Tzou authored a book called the Subscription Economy that the company markets aggressively. It chronicles case studies of companies such as Adobe, PTC, and Autodesk that have made the transition from product to subscription oriented businesses. If you visit the Zuora website there are various testimonials from Jim Cramer of CNBC and Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com, encouraging you to read the book as well as reviews from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. and Financial Times.

Making the shift to the Subscription Economy requires companies to reimagine their end-to-end business processes. Sales is no longer about a transactional approach to acquiring new customers. It’s about helping customers achieve long-term success as well as retaining, upselling, and growing the accounts. Finance is no longer about measuring historical product sales and revenue. It’s about measuring forward-looking metrics on future performance such as annual recurring revenue.

Zuora has emerged as the leading evangelist for the Subscription Economy. It promotes the vision through a variety of marketing channels unified under the “Subscribed” brand including:

  • Subscribed Book – Offers a blueprint for how to redesign your business model from a product to a subscription business. Read excerpt.
  • Subscribed Weekly – Email newsletter that features the latest stories from leading subscription and as-a-service businesses. Read examples.
  • Subscribed Podcasts – Features interviews with entrepreneurs, analysts, and other innovators discussing the shift to the subscription economy. Hear examples.
  • Subscribed Magazine – Published digitally, semi-annually featuring case studies of subscription economy leaders and insights from Zuora executives. View examples.

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