Zuora Case Study (Part 4) – How Category Leaders Re-Invent the Technology Platform

Zuora doesn’t just solve point problems in the subscription business model, it provides a suite of applications to “launch, monetize, and manage the entire order-to-revenue process on a single platform.”  Much like many other leading SaaS and cloud providers, Zuora is seeking to achieve exponential growth by encouraging a community of third party developers to build on its platform. Zuora wants to be the “connective tissue between your CRM, ERP, and entire IT architecture.”

  • Application Suite Zuora offers four primary applications. Billing automates recurring invoices with real-time taxation. RevPro helps comply with the new revenue recognition accounting standards. CPQ to configure, price, and quote subscription packages. Collections to automate dunning workflow to minimize churn.
  • Central Developer Platform – Third parties can extend and integrate with the Zuora platform with a set of APIs to query data, build workflows, monitor events, and send notifications.
  • Zuora MarketplacePre-built tools, utilities, applications and integrations across a wide range of categories including billing, payments, finance, products, collections, customers, and analytics.

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