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The Latest Trends in B2B SaaS Marketing

Over the past five years there’s been a lull in innovation within B2B marketing. In fact, functions like inbound and outbound marketing have become almost commoditized as every SaaS and cloud provider has adopted a similar playbook based upon SEO, SEM, ABM, SDR prospecting, sales intelligence, and intent data. But the innovation drought is quickly coming to an end as a wave of new technologies and strategies are emerging on the horizon. In the next few years we will see mainstream adoption of:

  • No code tools that enable the development of interactive product tours, ROI calculators with no programming
  • Generative content tools powered by AI that effortlessly produce copy, images, and videos on-demand
  • New age, privacy tech that suppresses unwanted phone calls and emails from unknown contacts like SDRs

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On this blog, we banter about the evolution of marketing and debate how SaaS providers can adopt the latest technology and strategy to optimize their growth initiatives.  Below are the latest posts on B2B marketing for SaaS, cloud, and tech companies.


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The Bantrr blog (previously called Engineering Revenue) dates back almost 15 years. Below are some of our most highly trafficked, popular posts from as far back as 2010.


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