Extending Your Customer Profile Library

In my last post I described a best practice that marketing professionals can employ to track, trend and analyze customer profiles.  If you are agreeable to the concept you may want consider extending the profile data you track to a broader set of information.  I would recommend also retaining additional data such as:

  • Annual reports and investor filings for public companies
  • Presentations delivered at industry conferences
  • Case studies published by analysts or other vendors
  • Fact sheets from media rooms
  • Key press releases issued
  • Articles you find in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week or the New York Times
  • Bios of major executives

I recommend keeping this type of publicly available information in a separate directory, because it will make it easier to transfer the data if you switch jobs.  Account data specific to your company, of course, cannot be taken with you when you resign from a position.  However, publicly available information download from the customer’s web site is not proprietary and therefore can travel with you to your new employer.

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